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To visit us in the Jerusalem Office- please contact us at info@livingbreadchurch.com


In partnership with those trained expertly

Most of our workers speak the language and have experience in developing relationship and initiatives. Our director John Lee heads up the team from our Jerusalem office. info@livingbreadchurch.com

Workers and volunteers are assigned to West Bank cities

Our workers and volunteers are assigned to the West Bank cities and Gaza Strip. They are running a cultural center in Ramallah with Asian culture and language classes.  They offer facial massage for the ladies, with prayer for healing, and counseling, 

In Bethlehem the team is encouraging those in the Christian faith.

Pastor Sarah is our ambassador of Jericho

Pastor Sarah has gathered many intercessors and is praying for the city of Jericho. They spend time in fellowship with the people and have a humanitarian outreach program for the poor and the children.

Gaza office

We have a office in Gaza run by Aladdin. We are involved in humanitarian projects. The women's prison has been receptive to visits and ministry. Most of the women are in prison for adultery. On occasion when we hear that a child has been abused or an execution is scheduled for a young lady we will intervene.

Israel at Feast of Tabernacles October 2019

Throne -room Worship Wings Worship International  
This is the tour to be on this year in Israel. A 14 day adventure in the Holy Spirit.
This tour is full of prayers and worship.  
Feast of Tabernacles October 5-18 2019.  
  For more information on the full Israel pricing and tour contact Rowena at: rowena.anna@gmail.com 

(The tour above is not a Living Bread International Church tour- but one we strongly recommend.)

While in the land, you or your group can join with Living Bread International Church, as we liaise with Rowena's tour for some of the special events, site visits, and intercession.
"Cry of Abraham' at Sodom' October 8th, 2019 is what love looks like. Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem, Baptizing at the Jordan River, and anointing at the Gihon Spring.  

Contact Pastor Karen at pastorkarendunham@gmail.com for more information and coordination out of Jerusalem to the event.