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the great commission

the great commission

the great commissionthe great commission

The Jerusalem Office


Jerusalem 'The city of the Great King'

Please visit our office in Jerusalem by appointment

3 Monbaz # 41 Hanneviim Court

Email us at endlesslife111@yahoo.com

Israel WhatsApp + 1 972 52 824 9290 

The teams of Living Bread International Church are stationed in West bank. 

Email us for training schools and volunteer opportunities 

West Bank Initiatives

Initiatives for the Youth


The mission also develops initiatives out of the Jerusalem office to build peaceful relationships. The volunteers use Art and Culture as talking points that lead into deeper discussions with the Good News.

Asian Culture


The young people love learning 

about the Asian Culture in the mission that head-quarters in Jerusalem.

Medical Outreach


Medical professionals come to care for those in need in the mission. The office in Jerusalem is administrative but the action is in the harvest fields.



In the mission developed out of the Jerusalem office, our volunteers teach how to play musical instruments. 

Beauty Salon


Part of the mission from Jerusalem to Ramalah is the running a beauty salon. It includes facial massages, and counseling, is a favorite for young adults and older ladies.

Many wonderful testimonies are coming out of this initiative.

Educational Movies


The teams are scheduled out of the Jerusalem office but work in the mission in West Bank.

Times of discussions, fellowship, and questions and answers, follow movies with mothers and children



In the Jerusalem mission, Pastor  Sarah has gathered many intercessors and is praying for Israel, Jericho, and the people. They spend time with the people and host a  humanitarian outreach program.

Jericho 'The gateway to the promised land'

Email us at info@livingbreadchurch.com for more information on the missions that run out of the Jerusalem office.

Humanitarian aid for the poor

Pastor Sarah leads up a program from Jerusalem to Jericho to bring aid to those in need. She also heads up a prayer house in the mission.

We thank everyone who supports this great project