'His Signature' home for the children

His Signature

Home for children

This home is being restored.

The home is dedicated to our four year old children coming out of the prisons. 

These children will be the mighty men and women of the Lord. 

Stages of construction


We are so thankful to the Lord for the prayers, support, and volunteers to help prepare the the home.

It is not to late to help get involved.


The children will finish well


It does not matter where we start in life; 

but it surely matters where we finish. 

The Lord will lead the way to make sure these children finish well.

Interviewing staff


Please pray with us as we look for the right people to be a part of our large family living in the children's home.

Your support is making a difference

We are thankful to the Lord for such an amazing opportunity in Him.

Joining forces for the Lord


  We thank the Lord for our partner 'Jan' from Jan's mission'. We are both supported by the same church and have combined our efforts to feed the children, provide for the prisoners,

 and take care of the orphans. 

Please pray for the Lord to lead the way as it is all unto HIM.

Multiple Homes


  The Lord has led us to partner with other orphanages that are in need of food, clothing, and the basic needs such as water, showers, and blankets.

Our 'Signature' home is in partnership with the AP police chaplains, the Prison chaplains, and the guardianship courts of Kenya.