The journey of Living Bread International Church

The Lord, whom we believe, has rescued us out of all our troubles. He has given us beauty for ashes

Living Bread International Church registered in USA and has a corporate office in Clearwater Florida. It also has offices in Jerusalem, Nairobi, and a project for children in Rongai Kenya.

Karen and her son worked at Solid Rock Church. They later ran a bread ministry, and eventually moved to Atlanta Georgia. There they fed the poor, and ministered to men in half-way houses.

Pastor Karen and her son Blake, along with volunteers lived in Wales. They worked in the soup kitchen in Swansea and preached on the streets until September 11, 2001.

2003 Living Bread open an office in Jericho. The city was closed to tourism and terrorist activities were high. During the stay in Jericho the team suffered death threats, car bomb, and house fires. They continued to fight the stronghold of terror with the Gospel initiatives with success. 

2007, Israeli Administrative Officers recommended Living Bread Church to Social Affairs and asked Director/Pastor Dunham to open an office in Jerusalem as being a partner with Israel. They were requested to duplicate what they had done in Jericho in all 27 refugee camps. Living Bread Church was registered in Israel as an NGO.

Living Bread was licensed in the Palestinian Authority. 

2009 Living Bread opened an office and registered in Gaza 

2013 Living Bread International Church was given a consultative status with the ECOSOC in the United Nations.  


2014 Living Bread International Church registered in Kenya

2016 The headquarters of Living Bread International Church was destroyed in Jerusalem, Israel.

2017 New offices were opened in Jerusalem, where 40 volunteers at times, are on one year work visas'. From the Jerusalem office they are all stationed in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

2015 Living Bread joined into a partnership with Nairobi administration police and local Pastors in Kibera slum. The teams are implementing programs with the Good News of the Gospel to win the lost, help the police, reform the prisoners, house the children coming from prison at four years old, and eradicate poverty while pushing back terrorism. Feeding Stations are running in the slum.

2018 The church purchased a home for the children coming out of the prisons when they turn four years old. This is under renovation now.

2019 The church is supplying humanitarian aid to the prisoners along with Bibles in Nairobi.

2019 Pastor Karen is in partnership with the officers in Kenya and is mentoring them.